Eyetrackers: Between Art and Neuroscience Event as iCalendar

20 February 2016 - 30 June 2016

Venue: MOTAT, Auckland' s Museum of Transport and Technology

Location: 805 Great North Road & Meola Road, Western Springs, Auckland 1022


Cost: Normal Admission prices apply: Adults - $16; Students with ID - $8

Website: http://www.motat.org.nz/exhibitions/eyetrackers-between-art-and-neuroscience/

309a Sarah Munro Socket MG_9117

‘Eyetrackers’ is a highly innovative exhibition that explores the fascinating borderland lying between visual art and visual neuroscience. In this exhibition, a series of original artworks drawn from the University of Auckland collection is juxtaposed with state-of-the art (no pun intended) eye tracking technology. Video presentations recreate the shifting gaze patterns of individual viewers, as they engage with works of art; and installations enable visitors to interact directly with eye tracker technology, monitoring patterns of looking behaviour and changes in pupil size, as they inspect the different images included in the exhibition.

Eyetrackers explores a question that continues to puzzle, fascinate and inspire both artists and scientists alike: How do we see? For most of us, ‘seeing’ is an ever-present and central feature of our consciousness, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, until we lapse again into sleep. Naturally and reflexively, we take the evidence of our own eyes for granted - seeing is believing - well, not necessarily! Vision is a paradox. It presents us with self-evident truths about the world in front of our eyes, but at the same time, it remains profoundly mysterious. How do patterns of light entering the eyes give rise to visual experiences? This is an arena where many intersections can be found between the interests and concerns of visual art and visual science, and is the territory explored by Eyetrackers.