Inaugural lecture by Professor Virginia Braun: Telling tales of gendered bodies Event as iCalendar


15 June 2017


Venue: Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre

Location: Ground Floor, Building 301, 23 Symonds Street, City Campus

Cost: Free - all welcome

Professor Virginia Braun
Professor Virginia Braun

Telling tales of gendered bodies: A personal and political reflection on critical scholarship in Trumped-up times

My work examines the nature of gendered bodies and gendered body practices – from body hair to genital cosmetic surgery – often related to sex, sexuality and health. I am interested in how meaning comes to be, through the intersections of personal, professional and popular discourse, and in the ways meanings and practices are constrained and enabled.

I consider myself a producer of stories about the things I study, rather than a revealer of the truth about them. Critical scholarship is vital for interrogating common sense, for unsettling taken-for-granted truths and normative assumptions. But what does it mean to be a critical scholar, in the contemporary socio-political context? What are our roles, obligations and challenges as scholars now?

Reflexively weaving together personal and scholarly perspectives, I will argue that the personal and the political can never be incised from the work we do, and that critical scholarship is vital in Trumped-up times.


Please join us for refreshments from 5.30pm in the Level 6 Breakout space in Building 302.