Inaugural lecture | Reinventing reinforcement Event as iCalendar

03 April 2019


Venue: Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre

Location: Ground Floor, Building 301, 23 Symonds Street, City Campus

Host: School of Psychology

Cost: Free. All welcome.

Professor Douglas Elliffe, School of Psychology
Professor Douglas Elliffe

Speaker | Professor Douglas Elliffe, School of Psychology

Reinventing reinforcement

Behaviour that’s followed by favourable consequences is likely to be repeated.  Traditionally, Psychology has explained this by the mechanistic Law of Effect – that reinforcement strengthens behaviour. 

But recent research led by our EABRU lab (Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Research Group) suggests instead that reinforcement signals future successful behaviour.  Control of behaviour is by the likely future, not the past, and learning is about trying to predict the future. 

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Douglas Elliffe will describe some of that research and a mathematical model for choice behaviour, as well as some thoughts about the place of teaching and leadership in an academic’s career.

Refreshments will be served prior, at 5.30pm in the Level 2 Reception area, Building 302.