Inaugural lecture | (In)sight unseen - studies of vision, attention and consciousness Event as iCalendar

17 April 2019


Venue: Fale Pasifika

Location: 20 Wynyard Street, City Campus

Host: School of Psychology

Cost: Free. But registrations are essential due to limited space.

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Iris for inaugural lecture Professor Anthony Lambert School of Psychology

Speaker | Professor Anthony Lambert

(In)sight unseen - studies of vision, attention and consciousness

When we visit the optometrist, or study vision using classical methods, ‘vision’ is generally equated with ‘conscious seeing’: the intuition that asking people what they can see is the only viable approach, for assessing vision is compelling.

Professor Lambert will challenge this, by suggesting that an important part of visual functioning is non-conscious.

A ‘unified model of vision and attention’ will be described, together with a wide array of supporting evidence.

In addition to providing theoretical insight, this approach may be practically useful.

Potential applications range from reducing accident-risk in older adults, to identifying early talent in sports involving eye-hand-body coordination.

Due to limited space, registrations are essential. Register at eventbrite.

Refreshments will follow the lecture.


Professor Anthony Lambert, School of Psychology
Professor Anthony Lambert