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  • Curious kids explore the super STEM Fair at MOTAT
    23 April 2018
    MOTAT was inundated with a gaggle of excited and curious young scientists in early April at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Fair
  • New PhD Leadership Development Programme launches this month
    20 April 2018
    Four doctoral candidates from the Faculty of Science have been accepted into a new leadership development programme with The New Zealand Leadership Institute (NZLI).
  • Is your dog smart enough to pass the towel test?
    13 March 2018
    Dr Alex Taylor researches dog intelligence with a particular emphasis on socialisation skills. He says that while many tests had been developed to try and rank dog smartness, a common flaw was they only measured a specific area of intelligence.
  • Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Society
    09 March 2018
    The Postdoctoral Society is going from strength to strength since their inaugural research symposium in 2016.
  • Why hunting accidents happen
    26 February 2018
    Doctoral candidate Karl Bridges new research on what happens as hunters identify a target might be taking us closer to understanding why it can sometimes go wrong. He talks to Radio NZ.
  • Reshaping our thinking about diversity
    22 February 2018
    2017 Masters graduate Simon Zhu talks to Sonia Sly from Our Changing World about his research looking at Asian identity in the workplace and the impacts of what it means to be judged at face value.
  • Clever canines
    25 January 2018
    Dr Alex Taylor talks to Our Changing World journalist Alison Ballance about his work testing the empathy and intelligence of pet dogs.
  • Healthy conflict makes families stronger
    18 January 2018
    Associate Professor Nickola Overall, Psychology, explains how healthy conflict within families can make those relationships stronger.
  • Punk, politics and tipping points
    15 December 2017
    In a world where inequality and injustice are rife, and at a time when politics is the topic on almost everyone’s tongue, Dr Danny Osborne is examining why we don’t do more – collectively – to redress unfairness. Read more on page 8 of InSCight magazine.
  • Dangers of avoiding conflict
    01 December 2017
    Associate Professor Nickola Overall talks to UniNews about new collaborative research on how directly engaging in conflict helps resolve problems and improves relationships.
  • Researchers named Fellows of the Royal Society Te Apārangi
    16 November 2017
    Professor Margaret Wetherell and Professor Jadranka Travas-Sejdic of the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Science have been named Fellows of the Royal Society Te Apārangi.
  • Single men and masculinity
    14 November 2017
    Researchers at the School of Psychology aim to find out what single men have to say for themselves about being single and want to talk to men in centres like Auckland and other parts of New Zealand.
  • Major funding boost for Science at University of Auckland
    02 November 2017
    Thirteen research projects across mathematics, computer science, cosmology, astrobiology, biological sciences, statistics, chemistry and psychology are funded with $8,778,000 from the Marsden Fund for 2017.
  • Is narcissism on the rise? Do millennials really feel more entitled?
    01 November 2017
    Research tested ‘psychological entitlement’, the sense that one is entitled to more than other people, as a measure of narcissism.
  • Nordic teaching tour
    20 October 2017
    Professor Virginia Braun (Ginny) from the School of Psychology, has returned home from three weeks teaching the ins and outs of thematic analysis to Nordic doctoral students and in some cases academic staff.
  • Early career research award to inequality researcher
    11 October 2017
    Senior Lecturer of political psychology Danny Osborne from the University of Auckland has been awarded the inaugural Te Apārangi early career research award in social sciences from the New Zealand Royal Society.
  • The School of Psychology launches Māori and Pasifika Psychology bibliography resources
    06 October 2017
    The School of Psychology proudly launched two new Māori and Pasifika Psychology bibliography resources in September to support the growth and advancement of Māori and Pasifika-led research and scholarship in psychology.
  • A wicked problem
    02 October 2017
    Sustainability – the promotion of human and ecological flourishing – is sometimes referred to as a ‘wicked’ or ‘messy’ problem, writes Niki Harré.
  • University of Auckland’s Cyber Security Foundry gets the green light
    21 September 2017
    An interdisciplinary team of academics from a number of different faculties have been awarded $150,000 from the Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Development Fund for a new cyber security project.
  • Māori and Pasifika psychology bibliographies
    12 September 2017
    The School of Psychology launches Māori and Pasifika Psychology bibliography resources