Māori and Pasifika psychology bibliographies

12 September 2017
2017-09-12 16.35.12

The School of Psychology launches Māori and Pasifika Psychology bibliography resources


The School of Psychology was proud to launch ‘O le Toe Ulutaia: A Bibliography of Pasifika and Psychology Research (first edition) and He Kohikohinga Rangahau: A Bibliography of Māori and Psychology Research (second edition) at the Science Centre on the 12 of September 2017 to a strong crowd of colleagues, students and allied communities.


Students Julia Hyde, Jessee Fia’Ali’I, and Chloe Moore were supported by staff, Sam Manuela, Jade Le Grice, Shiloh Groot and Angela Carr in a summer scholarship collaboration that spanned laughter, food and hard work!


Both bibliographies are organised in a thematic structure that seeks to validate and foreground Māori and Pacific epistemologies, relevant to the diverse spectrum of psychological disciplines. These documents speak to the validity of Māori and Pacific-led research within the discipline of psychology, clever synthesis of Māori and Pacific knowledge with western psychological knowledge, and collaborative relationships between Māori, Pacific people and Pākehā. We hope these compilations will aide those who are looking to find relevant material on Māori and Pacific psychological scholarship, including practitioners, students, lecturers and researchers in psychology and beyond. We hope this resource enables people to identify opportunities for future research opportunities, based upon gaps in the literature.


If you are interested in a copy of the bibliography, please find a copy attached, and/or contact Sam Manuela for limited run of hard copies at s.manuela@auckland.ac.nz