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Research groups and areas

Staff at the School of Psychology are involved in a number of research groups and projects.

  • Language and cultural evolution group

    Our language research forcuses on the application of computational methods to answer questions about language and human prehistory.

  • Māori and Pacific Psychology Research Group

    The Psychology Māori and Pacific Psychology Research Group (MPPRG) is an initiative to create an inclusive and dynamic space for Maori and Pacific students in the School of Psychology to motivate, inspire and support each other through the research process.

  • Social research group

    The social research group investigates topics from personal and group identities to gender and sexual issues, and environmental and sustainability issues.

  • Speech Science

    Staff in Speech Science research auditory processing disorders, speech and language development in monolingual and bilingual children, swallowing disorders and acquired communication disorders in adults.

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis

    Applied Behaviour Analysis is a scientific approach to understanding and changing human behaviour.

  • Thematic analysis

    Thematic analysis is a method for qualitative data analysis. We provide a wide range of resources related to learning and using thematic analysis.

  • The Māori Identity and Financial Attitudes Study

    The Māori Identity and Financial Attitudes Study (MIFAS) is a longitudinal national probability study of Māori Identity, Financial Attitudes and Behaviour led by Dr. Carla Houkamau and Dr Chris Sibley.  

  • Animal Minds

    The Animal Minds research group includes the New Caledonian Crow Lab, the Kea Lab and the Clever Canine Lab.

  • Story completion

    Story completion offers qualitative researchers a way of generating data for qualitative research that is quite different to most common methods.