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Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group

The Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group (CNRG) is based within the School of Psychology. It is also closely linked with the Centre for Brain Research.


We are comprised of members of staff and graduate students, all with a common interest in determining the biological bases of mental events in humans.

The purpose of the CNRG is to encourage collaborative research which will increase the likelihood of receiving substantial research funding. The CNRG also holds regular research meetings. We hope that postgraduate students working with members of the CNRG will benefit from the range of expertise provided, and will themselves contribute to our communal activities.

CNRG research is diverse, ranging from basic research on cognition and perception, to understanding the neural bases of cognition in healthy adults, to clinical research investigating neural and neuropsychological function in various patient populations.

Our research programmes utilise a variety of neuroimaging, cognitive and neuropsychological approaches.

For more information and links to our research and contacts, please visit the links below.

Cognitive Neuroscience Seminars 2017

Fortnight seminars held on Fridays, 4-5pm:

Case Room 302-G20
Ground Floor
Building 302
Science Centre
23 Symonds Street
City Campus

All welcome. For more information please contact Jaime Wilkie.





24 Mar

Lambert Lab

Visual attention

7 Apr

Waldie Lab

Developmental neuropsychology

21 Apr






5 May

P. Corballis Lab

Psychophysiological investigations of attention-related processes

19 May

Addis Lab

Neuroimaging of memory, future thinking & creativity

2  June

Hayward Lab

Visual cognition

16 June

Thompson Lab

Cognitive neuroscience of vision

30 June

Muthukumaraswamy Lab


14 July



28 July

Kirk Lab

Cognitive neurogenetics

11  Aug

Lambert Lab

Visual attention

25 Aug

 Dakin Lab

Visual function in children

8 Sep



22 Sep

Searchfield Lab

Cognitive neuroscience of tinnitus

6 Oct

Guan Lab


Biology of brain injury and chronic neurological conditions

20 Oct

Purdy Lab

Auditory processing,

speech and language disorders

3 Nov

Tippett Lab

Neuropsychological and neuroimaging investigations with clinical populations