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Research positions available

Neuroanatomical basis of tool manufacture


We are currently seeking a postgraduate student to carry out a comparative investigation into the neuroanatomical basis of tool manufacture in New Caledonian crows.

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Possibilities for student involvement

We welcome expressions of interest from students contemplating a postgraduate degree related to New Caledonian crows.

We will also try to accommodate volunteer workers who wish to assist us in the field and are prepared to fund their travel and food costs. At present we can provide free accommodation on Maré Island in a house that we rent there and some assistance with food costs. At other sites it may be possible to tent but travel is always a problem because our crow sites are usually located in areas that are not easy to access.

Three of our past students have been involved in research that has led to the publication of a manuscript (see Research news and publications).

If you are interested in working with us please contact

Prof Russell Gray


Dr Gavin Hunt