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Social research group

There are many staff in the School of Psychology broadly interested and involved in research on social issues.

Examples of topics being currently investigated include personal and group identities, intimate relationships, gender and sexual issues, environmental and sustainability issues, Māori psychology, educational psychology, prejudice and intergroup relations, social attitudes and ideology, social and cognitive development in early childhood, and individual and organisational workplace issues such as employee well-being, performance, perceptions and attitudes. This research is conducted from a variety of perspectives.

The social research group is a broad umbrella grouping of staff in the following disciplinary areas:


Community and Environmental Psychology

Niki Harre

Quentin Atkinson


Developmental and Educational Psychology

Annette Henderson

Elizabeth Peterson


Psychology and Social Issues Group

Virginia Braun

Nicola Gavey

Māori and Pacific Psychology

Virginia Braun

Shiloh Groot

Jade Le Grice

Margaret Dudley

Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Lixin Jiang


Social Psychology

Nickola Overall

Chris Sibley

Danny Osborne