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Swallowing research and teaching

The University of Auckland Speech Science offers a range of educational opportunities in dysphagia from free short courses to complete University papers to Doctoral study. There is something for everyone!

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Research opportunities within The University of Auckland Swallowing Research Laboratory are varied and exciting and you join a vibrant and enthusiastic group of researchers and students. The Swallowing Research Laboratory in the Centre of Brain Research at The University of Auckland strives to improve the lives of people with swallowing difficulties through improved assessment, treatment and medical education. The laboratory hopes to reduce the risks of pneumonia and death associated with swallowing difficulties as well as improve the quality of life of suffers.

Taught courses

Yank suctioning
Yank suctioning

The University of Auckland Speech Science offers a range of educational opportunities in dysphagia.

SPCHSCI 701: Dysphagia (e-learning course): an e-learning course on dysphagia that meets NZSTA requirements for dysphagia training. This one-semester course is designed as a professional entry-level qualification covering all aspects of swallowing and feeding rather than a professional development course for dysphagia-trained therapists.

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Research contacts


Dr Anna Miles is a speech-language therapist. Anna is a full-time faculty member at The University of Auckland. She is a researcher, lecturer and clinician in the area of swallowing and swallowing disorders. Anna runs a hospital-based student teaching clinic as well as an outpatient swallowing rehabilitation clinic. She is the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association Clinical Expert in Adult Dysphagia. Anna started her career in Barnet, London after studying at University College London in the 1990’s. Anna has been in New Zealand since 2000.

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Bianca Jackson has interest in children and infants eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. She recently developed a national training package for the New Zealand Ministry of Education Speech-language therapists. Her research interests include infant-mother interactions around feeding, effectiveness of interventions for children who are picky eaters and also developing allied health professionals in the workplace.

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