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Suzanne Purdy

Head of School

Auditory processing disorder, auditory evoked potentials, speech, language & hearing disorders, sensory processing and therapies for neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and mild cognitive impairment 302-243 ext 82073
Dr Angela Arnold-Saritepe Applied behaviour analysis in home, school, and residential environments. Interests include challenging behaviour, and the development of verbal and social behaviour in children and adolescents with developmental disabilities (including autism spectrum disorders) 301-338B ext 88518
Professor Quentin Atkinson Evolution of language, religion, sustainability and large-scale cooperation, and the human expansion from Africa 302-361 ext 84316

Elaine Ballard


Phonological theory, first language acquistion, language development in Pasifika and Asian languages, billingualism in speech and language development, paediatric language disability and disorders 721-313 ext 87502
Professor Suzanne Barker-Collo  Neurorehabilitation, neuropsychology, clinical 302-267 ext 88517
Professor Virginia Braun Critical and feminist psychology, sex/sexuality, gendered bodies, practices and identities 302-231 ext 87561 
  Michelle Burstall    302-339 ext 88526
Professor  Linda Cameron Health, self-regulation theory, risk perception, environmental psychology 301-220
Associate Professor Claire Cartwright Clinical (theory and practice), impact of divorce and remarriage 302-263 ext 86269
Emeritus Professor  Michael Corballis Cognition, laterality, neuropsychology, evolution 301-228 ext 88561
Associate Professor Paul Corballis Visual perception, attention and cognition 301-316A ext 88562
Dr Sarah Cowie Learning, choice, timing, and quantiative modelling 302-270 ext 88450
Dr Sue Cowie Clinical, cognitive behavioral therapy, women's and children's issues 302-264 ext 88513
Emeritus Professor Michael Davison Learning and signal detection, choice, aversive control   ext 88540 or 88486 
  Selena Donaldson Acquired brain injury, fluency disorders, supervision, clinical education, cognitive communication disorders, aphasia, pragmatic communication disorders 721-318 ext 86649
Dr Margaret Dudley Maori Health. Neuropsychology. Dementia. Clinical Psychology 302-260 ext 86869
Emeritus Professor  John Duckitt Social, political, cross-cultural, prejudice   ext 88511 
  Alaina Dunnett    302-335
Professor Douglas Elliffe
Experimental analysis of behaviour: animal and human 301-236 ext 85262
Dr Christopher Erb The development of cognitive control, attention, visually guided action, numerical cognition, and causal reasoning 302-371 ext. 84417 
  Liz Fairgray Hearing impairment, auditory-verbal therapy, paediatric speech & language delay 730-133 ext 89265
  Philippa Friary
Speech Science Clinical Director
Clinical supervision, clinical education, interprofessional education and working with people with Parkinson's Disease 721-315 ext 82726
Professor  Nicola Gavey  Critical psychology of gender 302-359 ext 86877

Nigel George

Psychology Clinic Director

Successful ageing, working with people who have behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, life span development 302-266 ext 85267
Associate Professor Kerry Gibson Psychological trauma, child and adolescent mental health 302-265 ext 88556
Professor  Russell Gray  Language evolution, animal cognition, evolutionary psychology, nature/nurture debate 301-228 ext 88525
Dr Shiloh Groot Indigenous worldviews and communities, resilience, poverty, homelessness and health 301-217B ext 88555
Associate Professor Jeff Hamm Mental transformations, visual illusions, visual attention 301-321A ext 88519
Dr  Linda Hand Language disorders in children, diversity in communication disorders, functional linguistics 721-312 ext 88735
Professor Niki Harré Community, social, youth development, driver attitudes, political activism 301-224B ext 88512
Associate Professor Michael Hautus  Food sensory science, psychophysics, sensory evaluation, preference for foods, hedonic measurement 302-375 ext 85924
Dr  Annette Henderson Language and cognitive development in early childhood (especially conventionality and collaboration) 302-225 ext 82521
  Fiona Howard Adult clinical psychology; drug and alcohol abuse; clinical supervision, coaching and mentoring; positive psychology; stress and well-being 302-262 ext 88420
Dr  Barry Hughes Perceptual-motor control, active touch, spatial cognition 302-363 ext 85265
Emeritus Professor John Irwin Psychophysics, sensory processes, econometrics, econophysics, detection theory   ext 88555
  Bianca Jackson Paediatric dysphagia
721-317 ext 86604
Dr Lixin Jiang Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Occupational Health Psychology 301-235B

ext 89278

Professor  Ian Kirk Systems and cognitive neuroscience, neural bases of memory, EEG, fMRI 301-321B ext 88524 or 88421
Professor Tony Lambert  Visual attention, eye movements, conscious awareness, laterality 302-369 ext 88520
Associate Professor  Ian Lambie  Adolescent and adult offending, arson, family therapy 302-261 ext 85012
  Sarah Leadley Childhood feeding disorders - food refusal, food selectivity, oral motor skills. Assessment and treatment of challenging behaviour - school and home. Evidence based tertiary teaching. 301-335
Dr  Jade Le Grice
Kaupapa Maori research, intersectionality, sexualisation, reproductive decision making, sexual and reproductive health, maternity, abortion 301-217A ext 86870
Dr  Clare McCann Acquired speech and language disorders 721-307 ext 85221
Dr Sam Manuela   301-224A ext
Professional Teaching Fellow Andrea Mead   302-337 ext 86253
Dr Anna Miles Adult swallowing disorders - assessment and treatment 721-314 ext 86649
Dr David Moreau  Dynamics of brain and behaviour, mathematical modelling, cognitive and health interventions. 302.221 ext. 83401 
Associate Professor Danny Osborne Social psychology; political psychology; intergroup relations; prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination; legitimacy 301-238B ext 82287
Professor Nickola Overall Social psychology, intimate relationships, interpersonal regulation and influence 301-235A ext 89120
Emeritus Professor  Glynn Owens Health and fitness, cancer and dying, eating disorders 302-268 ext 86845 
Dr  Elizabeth Peterson Educational psychology, beliefs and expectations, student achievement and engagement, individual differences 302-223 ext 89693
Dr Katrina Phillips Applied behaviour analysis with populations who have intellectual disabilities and/or pervasive developmental disabilities 301-338A ext 84468
Emeritus Professor  Fred Seymour  Family therapy, parent separation, child sexual abuse 302-258 ext 88414
Professor Chris Sibley Social psychology, intergroup relations, personality measurement, research methods in psychology, longitudinal data analysis, sampling and survey design 301-238A ext 88353
Dr Alex Taylor Evolution and structure of intelligence 302-357 ext 85010
Associate Professor Lynette Tippett  Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, neuropsychology 302-373 ext 88551
Dr Javier Virues-Ortega Operant models of language and language acquisition; neural effects of behavioural interventions; meta-analyses of behavioural interventions; behavioural interventions for dementia; functional analysis and treatment of problem behaviour 301-335B ext 88851
Associate Professor Karen Waldie Developmental neuropsychology, cognitive disorders (e.g. dyslexia and ADHD), cerebral laterality 301-335A ext 88521
Professor Margaret Wetherell Developing discourse theory and methods for social research and the study of identity 301-220  ext 82933
Associate Professor Gwenda Willis Criminal justice/forensic psychology including sexual offending (aetiology, treatment, prevention) and strengths-based approaches to offender rehabilitation 302-259 ext 84395