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Professional staff

The School of Psychology's current professional staff.

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Name Position Office   Phone Email
Lynda Pitcaithly Group Services Manager 302-615 ext 88063
Lucy Mo Group Services Team Leader 302-630 ext 87572
Cara Crichton

Group Services Coordinator


ext 86897 

Odette Groom Group Services Administrator 302-236 ext 88413
Adeline Fung Group Services Administrator (Tāmaki) 721-321 ext 86886
Ruth Owen Facilities Coordinator 302-620A ext 85954
Ireen Lata Finance Manager 302-238 ext 82301

Kamalini Gnaniah

Financial Assistant


ext 87987

Dr Angela Carr Research Technician 301.229 ext 88515

Peter Johnson

Electronics Technician


ext 88938

Dr Veema Lodhia

Neuroimaging Lab Manager


ext 87503

Michael Owens

Animal Technician


ext 88482

Nadia Kennington

Academic Services Coordinator  


ext 88014

Sheryl Robertson

Academic Services Coordinator


ext 86852