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Doctoral students

Read about our recent and current doctoral students and their research interests at the School of Psychology.

Name Research Topic Email
Nidhi Aggarwal Investigating the factors involved in efficient tactile perception in blind people.
Aamina Ali Stressors and coping mechanisms of Muslim youth in New Zealand.
Rebecca Allenby Neuropsychological symptom validity in the accident compensation corporation.
Sweta Anantharaman Social group dynamics in infancy: understanding the factors that contribute and/or influence social interaction that shape infants' development.
Luisa Ape-Esera Understanding the needs of sexually abusive rangatahi.
A process evaluation of the SAFE Rangatahi treatment programme for Maori adolescents who engage in sexually harmful behaviour.
Areej Asad Speech profile of school-age children with hearing loss in comparison to children with normal hearing in New Zealand.
Ursula Bach Suicide intervention training within mental health NGOs.
John Bai The effects of brief stimuli on response rate and persistence.
Ashleigh Baker Cognitive and brain biomarkers in prodromal behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia: episodic memory and future thinking.
Miriam Barr Service-user experiences of discontinuing antipsychotic medication in New Zealand.
Craig Barretto Callous-unemotional traits in children.
Amalia Bastos The signature-testing approach to the evolution of intelligence
Vikki Bland Conditioned inhibition and timeout from reinforcement.
Charlotte Blythe Lights, camera, action research: a university-school collaboration exploring the potential of photography and film production for environmental sustainability.
Francesca Bowden Youth absconding behaviour at the Lighthouse facilities.
James Brennan Influences on the role of the stepfather in New Zealand stepfamilies.
Karl Bridges The psychology of mistaken-for-game hunting accidents.
Christopher Budd Comparing Actographic measures of eleven-year old childrens' physical activity and sleep quality with neuropsychological test scores and behavioural questionnaires.
Ashleigh Bullot Comorbidities of autism in the area of developmental neuroscience.
Octavia Calder-Dawe Pornography and inclusive sexual ethics: exploring potential for ethical engagement with pornography among young New Zealanders.
Jacinda Calkin Clinical psychologists' experiences of clients' antidepressant use.
Julia Campbell Adverse childhood experiences in sex offender population in New Zealand prisons.
Oscar Canete  Cortical auditory evoked potentials and behavioural measures of auditory processing in children with unilateral hearing loss due to congenital atresia.
Nicola Chadwick An exploration of the ways in which therapists and clinical psychologists who align themselves with 'critical' perspectives talk about and account for power dynamics in therapeutic practice.
Valerie Chang Biased memories and depressive symptoms in interpersonal relationships.
Nilima Chowdhury Depression as social pathology.
Ties Coombes The effects of economic rules and cultural narratives on the relationships between sense of community, cooperative behaviour and experience of cooperation.
Maria Corkin The role of media exposure in early childhood development.
Ondria Cowan New Zealander's experiences of long-term antidepressant use.
Angus Craig Fatherhood and Psychosocial Development: What role does paternal involvement and engagement throughout childhood play in predicting behaviour and affect in early adolescence?
Andrea Crawford The effects of executive functioning and social cognition impairments on adaptive behaviours in children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
Emily Cross Hostile Sexism: A Vulnerability that Undermines Men’s Interpersonal Relationships
Sylvia de Souza Leao Vocal disorders in teachers: Prevalence, risk factors and vocal loading
Tamsin Dehar Refugee Adjustment to Employment in New Zealand: A Refugee and Employer Perspective
Aida Dehkhoda The role of palliative psychology in Advance directives for euthanasia in end of life care.
Caitlyn Drinkwater Being Transgender: A Qualitative Analysis of the experience of transitioning within New Zealand.
Stephanie D'Souza Trajectories of Child Behaviour: Growing Up in New Zealand
Rebekah (Tobi) Eder Peer relationships during the experience of an eating disorder
Emma Edwards New Zealand adolescents' attitudes towards help-seeking for emotional distress and their views on the development of these attitudes.
Laura Ewens Effects of expertise: investigating the lateralisation of visuospatial processing in professional musicians.
Manatu Fia An Evaluation of the Engaging Challenging Youth Programme
Kelsey Flynn The Development of the Visual Semantic Processing System and Symbol-Referent Relationships in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Anoosh Franklin Evaluating Postnatal Depression and relevant support for Asian mothers in New Zealand
Dhakshi Gamage Evaluating the efficacy of the Silver Rainbow education programme on care worker relationships with LGB residents at aged care facilities.
Beau Gamble Prospection in Depression: How to Improve Imagination of the Future.
Jessica Gerbic Kaupapa Māori research investigating the experiences of young Māori mothers (14 to 25 years of age) in Murupara, Minganui and Kaingaroa
Natalie Germann Evaluation of primary prevention programmes by Rape Prevention Education
Tania Gilchrist Title: Enhancing support for Maori whanau where a risk of child maltreatment has been identified
Vania Glyn Efficacy of memory training for healthy older adults: A pilot study
Stephanie Gomes-Ng The Local-Level Effects of Conflicting Information on Choice
Lara Greaves Maori Civic Participation and Identity: Models of Maori Voter Enrolment and Turnout.
Andrea Greenwood Assessing Traumatic Brain Injury classification systems to determine whether they accurately predict neurocognitive outcomes at 6 and 12 months post injury.
Romana Gruber The signature-testing approach to the evolution of intelligence
Alieh Haghighi Examining the Role of Work Engagement and National Culture Dimensions Between the Relationship of Spirituality and Psychological Capital with OCB and Well-Being: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study.
Lisa Harris
Investigating the Context of Newcomer Socialisation
Morgyn Hartdegen Clinicians’ experiences of managing clients' suicide risk.
Rebecca Hassall Does success in perspective taking and knowledge attribution tasks rely on sophisticated mind-reading abilities?
Danielle Hay Investigating clinical psychology students’ experiences of imagery in therapy
Megan Heaney
Social and technical intelligence in keas
Dion Henare Using Event-related Lateralised Potentials to Investigate the Relationship Between Visual Selective Attention and Visual Working Memory.
Rebecca Herald Retrospective accounts of adolescent mental health difficulties
Linda Hollebeek Co-Creation Best Practices: The Attainment, Design, Management and Optimisation of Concurrent Employee Engagement/Customer Engagement.
Yanshu Huang Sexism and Women’s Rights in New Zealand
Germaine Ingley-Cook Therapists experiences of countertransference when working with children who have experienced complex trauma.
Bianca Jackson Developing the expert Speech-language therapist to work with people with dysphagia
Shanuki Jayamaha Ineffective Support Provision in Close Relationships: Predictors, Mechanisms and Methodological Advances
Sarah Jelbert Are New Caledonian crows capable of reasoning?
Haiyang Jin Automatic Characteristic and Regional Selectivity in Face Holistic Processing
Virginia Jones Professional Ethics versus the Law: A Clash for Psychologists Working in New Zealand?
Ozge Karakale The role of face processing deficit in social and sensory difficulties associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sally Kedge The language and communication profiles of children (aged 8 – 14) who present with severe and challenging behaviour and / or emotional difficulties.
Rohan King Cognition and enhancement.
Christopher Kohler Sliding Personal and Conventional Environmental Behaviors into the Moral Realm
Noriko Koyama The acquisition of Japanese numeral classifiers in Japanese-speaking children who grow up in an English-speaking environment
Ariana Krynen Multi-Informant Perspectives of Stepfamily Therapy in New Zealand
Eva Kung Long-term potentiation of human visual-evoked potentials
Yvette Lamb The influence of commonly occurring polymorphisms on synaptic plasticity and memory processes
Sarah Leadley Training parents/caregivers to implement an applied behaviour analysis intervention to improve food acceptance in children/adults identified with severe feeding difficulties
Han Lee Cross-cultural Perspective of Experiences of Resettled Adolescent Refugees in New Zealand
Tai Lee Speech and language therapy: Speech development of Mandarin-English bilingual children in New Zealand
Yan Lei Exploring how Chinese migrant youth experience seeking help with psychological distress and how they view psychological support services.
Joan Leung Exploring methods in assessing and improving affective prosodic perception and production in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, including the use of computer-based training activities and remote microphone hearing aids for auditory processing.
Yuhan Li Computational Dynamics of Reinforcement
Jennifer Liu Navigating cultures in therapeutic settings
Sarah Lount Examining the Auditory Processing and Communication Abilities of Male Youth Offenders in Youth Justice Residences in New Zealand.
Rohan King Emotion Regulation in Children
Giulia Lowe Circles of Support and Accountability: An In-Depth Investigation of Circle Volunteers' Experience and Motivation to Volunteer
Lucy Macfarlane Compulsive exercise and positive and negative perfectionism.
Jingwen Mao The electrophysiology of micro-expression production and recognition: An EMG and ERP investigation.
Erica March Navigating sexual identity in residential aged care
Maree Martinussen Friendships, a significant other? Exploring the meaning of contemporary friendships with a focus on gendered practice
Robin Matthews Differentiation of spectral analysis of accoustic measures between two groups of people with Parkinson’s disease.
Sean McArdle Risk factors, recidivism, and reoffending rates of youth offenders in New Zealand.
Laurel McArthur A comparison of older adults who have been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, early stage Alzheimer’s disease and healthy controls.
Jessica McCormack Application of the Differential Outcomes Procedure to Enhance Learning in Children with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Stuart McGill Examining the nature of reinforcement and its relation to selective attention using Electroencephalography Event Related Potentials
Nicole Mckay Investigating how variation in the gene coding for brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) influences structural and functional connectivity in recognition memory circuits.
Jessica Mee Assessing the validity of the SAPROF model for youth in a New Zealand forensic population.
Tagonei Mharapara "Dark Side" personality and workplace outcomes: The moderating and mediating effects of social competencies and job attitudes.
Petar Milojev Causes and Motivations of prejudiced attitudes in intergroup relations.
Ksenija Mincic-Obradovic Language shift in the Serbian speaking community in New Zealand
Phoebe Molloy Exploring the Role of Excessive Reassurance-Seeking within Romantic Relationships in the Development and Maintenance of Depressive Symptoms.
Kieron Mottley Effect of relationship on social learning in the parrot
Therese Mulligan A qualitative five-year follow up of individuals who sustained a traumatic brain injury aged between 13 and 15 years
Christopher Murray  Autobiographical Memory in Depression: A look at the Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Remembering and Imagining in Major Depressive Disorder
Patrick Neilands The signature-testing approach to the evolution of intelligence
Natrah Nordin The validation of quantifiable, objective, digital measures of videofluoroscopic study of swallowing (VFSS) in the management of swallowing disorders.
Elizabeth Ogden General Practitioners' Beliefs and Perspectives on Depression and Anti-Depressants
Matthew Oxner The functions of consciousness and its relationship to attention.
Rebecca Parkes The experiences of adult sexual assault and sexual abuse complainant witnesses within the NZ court system
Anna Pearce Help-seeking by young men who experience intimate partner abuse
Scott Peterson A qualitative five-year follow up of individuals who sustained a traumatic brain injury aged between 13 and 15 years
Isabel Randell Misconceptions of Child Abuse and the Role of Counterintuitive Expert Psychological Evidence
James Richards An analysis of social and political thinking in New Zealand youth: opportunities and challenges for youth inclusion in public decisions.
Natina Roberts Family-tales: Resettlement of South East Asian refugee (SEAR) families in New Zealand
Amy Rosso A latent class analysis of the impact of long-lasting maternal psychopathology on child development at 4.5 years: contextual associations, behaviour and infant cognitive status
Natalia Samorow Are all minds (tasks) created equal? Comparison of Theory of Mind tasks across age and dopaminergic pathology.
Nicole Satherley The establishment and exploration of a measure of modern racism toward Maori
Armin Saysani The Cognitive and Neurological Processes in the Visually Impaired During Colour Categorisation and Representation.
Evatte Sciberras-Lim The impact of age-related changes to the connectivity of frontoparietal attention network on the control of attention.
Kelly Scott Individuals' Communication Experiences in the New Zealand Criminal Justice System
Jordan Searle The influence of prior left/right facing discriminations on performance in the mirror/normal rotated letter task
Nikhil Sengupta Antecedents and Consequences of System Justification among Members of Disadvantaged Groups
Oliver Sheehan On the Coevolution of Social Organisation and Religion in the Austronesian-Speaking World
Margaret Spriggs Plasticity and Connectomics in the diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease
Clare Stanton Parenting young people who are at risk of suicide
Rachel Stevenson Process Evaluation of Puawaitahi - Multiagency for Child Protection
Mark Stone Activating the Pro-environmental Surfer: Motivations, Identity and Sense of Place
Samantha Stronge Discrimination and Wellbeing in New Zealand
Rachael Sumner Using gamma oscillations to measure cortical excitation-inhibition balance in health and disease
Hannah Swinton Young people's perspectives on having a sibling who has experienced mental health difficulties


Sarvnaz Taherian

To investigate a path towards the development of a 'user friendly' brain computer interface assistive device, in order to mitigate problems faced by individuals with Cerebral Palsy.
Christina Tamihere Process Evaluation of the Maori Youth Programme at SAFE.
Boon Tan Inclusion and Empowerment in Parents'/Caregivers' Interactions with Speech-Language Therapists.
Hedieh Tavazo Relationship between parents' cooperative behaviour with children's cooperative behaviours in different ethnic groups.
Jasmine Taylor Tertiary students' social and academic engagement in the classroom: Conditions that impact on subjective well-being, learning, and retention.
Kris Taylor 'Male Only' Internet Forums and Online Misogyny: Competing Discourses of 'Virtual' Masculinity
Lee Taylor Learners’ Conceptions of Success and Failure in The Secondary Sector
Adriana Thomas Immigrant psychologists’ experiences of the therapeutic relationship and working bi-culturally in New Zealand
Veronica Tone
Carly Townrow The relationship between inequality, relative deprivation and involvement in collective action
Hieu Quang (Hugh) Tran
Gemma Tricklebank A Qualitative Study of Maori Womens' Experiences in Mental Health Services (Maori Understandings, Identity, and Help Seeking Behaviours).
Tycho Vandenburg Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth Homelessness in Aotearoa
Helen Van Der Merwe The affective practices of clinical psychologists.
Meagan Van Solkema The role and remediation of attentional processes involving communication and its impact into quality-of-life following moderate/severe TBI
Rosealee Wells
Jeanne Van Wyk How young people ask for and receive support for suicidal thoughts through a text counselling service.
Thomas Vardy The evolution of co-operation in the Pacific.
Sreekari Vogeti Role of static and dynamic information in recognition of face identity and expression
Simon Waigth Long term outcomes for Maori following drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
Simon Walker The efficacy of visual arts therapy as a rehabilitative strategy for the victims of stroke.
Anna Walters Resilience in Maori children who witness and experience whanau violence
Ting Wang Qualitative interview on the approaches and experiences of young people who have undertaken psychological interventions at the Kari Centre.
Ying Wang What do infants understand about the contributions made by action partners during a joint activity?
Joseph Watts The cultural evolution of supernatural belief.
Katey Weizel Evaluation of the Family Start Manukau home visitation service
Kristina Wiebels A machine learning account of hippocampal involvement in future simulation
Jaimie Wilkie The role of dorsal and ventral streams in attention.
Stephen Wolfson Genetic factors in the neurobiology and taxometrics of autistic spectrum disorders.
Natasha Wright The neuropsychological and functional outcomes of intracerebral haemorrhage at 6 and 12 month follow up: A population-based study
Deww Zhang BDSM and the social construction of 'sexual deviance'.
Yunfei Zhao A Grounded Theory study of the experiences of marital separation of first-generation Chinese immigrants living in New Zealand
Nianzeng Zhong The Individual Differences in Face Identification: the Study of Behavior and Eye-Tracking