Talks related to thematic analysis

We (Virginia Braun & Victoria Clarke) regularly get asked to give talks on Thematic Analysis, and sometimes those talks are recorded. Please find links to those recorded talks below.

An introduction to the approach and method of thematic analysis (the ‘Braun & Clarke’ approach)

Professor Virginia Braun and Dr Victoria Clarke provide an introduction to their popular approach to thematic analysis. The lecture was recorded at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

(June 2018)


Thematic analysis: What is it, when is it useful, and what does 'best practice' look like?

Victoria Clarke gave a talk at the University of the West of England on where ‘our’ approach fits, and some of the different ways that key concepts and processes are conceptualised. 

In this hour lecture, Victoria maps out different approaches to thematic analysis, and different conceptualisations of the 'theme', addresses common misconceptions and confusions about thematic analysis, and highlights the flexibility thematic analysis offers the qualitative researcher.

(November 2017)