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Staff student consultative committee

This committee exists to facilitate communication between staff and the student body.

The group comprises the head of school, at least three staff members and one or more student representatives from each course within the school. A chairperson is elected each year, but the term of this office extends from March to March to ensure continuity.

Issues that are dealt with may range from the academic concerns of individual students to discussion of policy-making within the school or University as a whole. Students should be aware that this is a vehicle where they can facilitate change, and are welcome to express ideas and opinions through their reps or in person.

The Student/Staff Consultative Committee meets at least twice in each semester. Dates of each meeting will be circulated to representatives and items for the agenda should be submitted to the Student Representative Coordinator (Odette Groom, Room 236, Level 2 Reception, email  

Election of representatives
In the first week of each semester, lecturers will initiate the election of student reps or call for volunteers. A list of all reps within the school are available from the Student Representative Coordinator.