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Career planning

Find out about the things you can do to make yourself more valuable to employers. To help with this, Career Development and Employment Services can provide information and advice on the opportunities available to you.


While it is true that those with an undergraduate degree in Psychology do not have all the options available to those with postgraduate qualifications there are still many jobs available to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree with a Psychology major.


Acquired skills

Many students who enter the job market with a Bachelor’s degree go into areas of human or social services such as Case Management, Careers Counselling, and Psychiatric Technician, but a degree in Psychology can provide training for many other jobs too. An understanding of the human mind and behaviour can be useful in any job that requires communication skills, such as sales, marketing and human resources.

One advantage of a degree in Psychology is its flexibility and adaptability. During your studies you will gain transferable skills that can be used in many occupations. Skills such as written and oral communication from the presentations and assignments you are required to complete, IT and statistical analysis from your laboratories, problem-solving skills from your analysis of case studies and of course time-management skills from juggling your assignments, employment and extracurricular activities. All these competencies can be put to use in a variety of roles such as administrator, salesperson, management trainee, lab assistant, bank officer, police trainee, employment advisor and mental health worker.


Types of employers

Employers of Psychology graduates are just as varied as the jobs, local and central government, the health industry, the corrections service, rehabilitation services, social services agencies, education, charitable agencies, counselling and voluntary organisations are all common destinations for Psychology graduates.


Further study

While an undergraduate degree offers a varied selection of careers if a job in a more closely related field interests you then further training is required. Jobs such as Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Industrial and Organisational Psychologist and Behavioural Psychologist all need specialist training which we offer at the University of Auckland.

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