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You open up a wide variety of job opportunities when you complete a degree in Psychology.

Introducing possible career paths

Psychology graduates from The University of Auckland are well equipped for a diverse range of careers. Immigration, employment, housing and social services are just some of the government positions open to psychology graduates. Staff recruitment, performance appraisal, training in personnel, human resources or employment relations are also options in the business environment.

Positions which require an understanding of people and a familiarity with psychological testing and techniques are ideal career options for psychology graduates.


Public contact positions

Many public contact positions are suitable for Psychology graduates. Psychology graduates have an understanding of why people behave they way they do. People skills such as this may be applied to any job which has a high degree of public contact.


Business setting positions

Positions in a business setting are ideally suited to Psychology graduates. Staff recruitment and selection, performance appraisal and training are some of the tasks undertaken by people working in the personnel, human resources, or employee relations areas. These jobs require an understanding of why people behave the way they do and familiarity with psychological testing and other psychological techniques.


Research positions

Students who have bachelors degrees in Psychology may be suited to research positions. Statistical analysis, survey design, and questionnaire development skills learned by psychology graduates can be applied to the area of market research or social research.

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