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PhD in Psychology

Students who have completed a relevant bachelors degree with honours or a masters degree in Psychology may choose to study a doctorate.

The PhD degree comprises a programme of advanced study and research, the results of which are presented in a thesis. The thesis is a systematic exposition of a coherent piece of research work carried out over the period of registration. It shall be an original contribution to the field of study and is required to meet internationally recognised standards for such work. Students wishing to study a PhD in Psychology must hold an appropriate postgraduate qualification.

A quick guide to PhD admission

This checklist will guide you through the admission process.

  1. Make sure you meet the admission requirements as outlined at Entry Requirements.
  2. Complete the University of Auckland Application for Admission (AfA).
    Please note: you may need to register before you can lodge your application.
  3. Provide supporting preadmission documentation as mentioned in the AfA.
  4. Find a supervisor from the school and negotiate a topic.
  5. Complete the school's application form in consultation with your proposed supervisor (see below)
  6. The application and supporting preadmission documentation will be assessed by the school’s Postgraduate Committee.
  7. The application, supporting documentation and school application form will be assessed by the Faculty of Science and the School of Graduate Studies.
  8. If you are successful you will receive a conditional offer. At this stage you will be required to submit verified copies of your admission documents, if you have not previously studied at The University of Auckland.
  9. Accept your offer online.