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Find information on what happens if you enrol and are put on the waitlist.

There are four reasons why students are placed on course waitlists:

  1. The course is full.
  2. You have not met the GPA requirements for the course.
  3. You have a timetable clash.
  4. You do not have the pre-requisites for the course.

Student Services Online may generate an ‘error message’ in some of these cases - read it carefully. If you have a timetable clash or do not met the pre-requisites for the course but believe you have a strong case for being able to take the course, you will need to see the appropriate level coordinator.

If there is the space in a course for students on the waitlist who attempted to enrol after the course was full, or who are below the GPA requirement, they will be enrolled approximately two weeks prior to semester starting. Such students may also gain a place closer to the start of semester if other students withdraw. Waitlisted students must check Student Services Online for their status. If you no longer remain on the waitlist and do not appear as enrolled then you were not given a position in the course.

Visit Student Services Online