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Meet our students

Our students have many different research interests, and follow varied and exciting career paths after graduation. Meet some of our students and graduates here.

Karen Brewer

Studying toward a PhD in Speech Science

"I couldn't help myself, I came back to University to study a PhD in Speech Science that happened to be the first PhD in Speech Science at the University of Auckland - which is pretty cool."

Karen Brewer is the recipient of the Eru Pomare postdoctoral fellowship from the Health Research Council. The fellowship will enable her to extend the findings of her PhD, describing experiences of Maori with aphasia and their whanau.


Karen Brewer: Our first ever student to study a PhD in Speech Science

Erin Gaab

Studying towards a PhD in Health Psychology

"I cannot think of anything in the world I'd rather be studying. The University of Auckland has enabled me to study something I'm passionately interested in: paediatric palliative care. Through doing my PhD in Health Psychology, I've learned priceless lessons from children and families that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."


Josephine Orejana

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

"Studying Psychology at The University of Auckland has definitely helped in shaping my perspectives and understanding the world in a whole new way. Every lecture leaves me in awe, as we talk about experiment after experiment that offered glimpses into the complicated ways of humanity. What's more interesting is being able to study real-world events that depict what we learn in class and knowing about significant researches that our very own lecturers do.

I love Psychology, as it is able to delicately pin-point subtle characteristics that we often take for granted, just because we encounter them everyday. Often enough, these implicit human behaviors are the ones that have the greatest impact in society. I've always wanted to have the chance to change the world for the better, and after taking two years of Psychology here at The University of Auckland, I can see that achieving this goal of mine has been very much possible."


Stephen Robinson

Studying towards a Master of Science in Speech Language Therapy

"As an experienced Speech-Language Therapist, I didn't really come to Auckland for Psychology; I came for Speech Sciences, which is part of the School of Psychology here. I was working with children with learning difficulties in Rotorua and now I am studying how children's language skills develop in their first year at school.

I chose The University of Auckland because living in Rotorua it was a simpler move than moving to Christchurch and the University of Canterbury. I already knew some of the Speech Language Therapy teaching staff, because of day courses that I had attended so it was easier to discuss the application process with them.

The teaching staff in Speech Sciences is a fairly small team, so it hasn't been hard to get to know them all. I have a study space at the Tāmaki Campus with a University computer where I can work with few interruptions. I have found that that helps me be more productive. I have also found the Student Learning Centre very helpful with their courses on the various skills a student needs for a successful thesis. It is 14 years since I completed my undergraduate degree, and I needed to learn about research methods and the different parts of a masters thesis.

I had an opportunity to be a tutor on a stage three course in the first semester, which was great because it called on my experience as a Speech Language Therapist and allowed me to get some experience with teaching, which is my long term aim here at Auckland."


Seong Min (Diane) Choi

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

"I was always fascinated about Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud: it is this interest that took me to study Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at The University of Auckland. I was not disappointed with my choice; the courses are very well structured and they stimulate your interest. They can be challenging but nevertheless fill you with the desire to learn more about different areas in Psychology. I am currently doing second year of my degree and I am planning to continue with Psychology in postgraduate and doctorate level. I enjoy the challenge that this degree present me with every day!

The University of Auckland has an excellent study environment as well as lots of facilities available for student use. There are always lots of events going on within the campus so you can find a balance between study and your social life - you can never be bored in this university! Being ranked in the top 70s, the quality of the staff and tutors are high in The University of Auckland and they are very helpful and friendly. One thing I love about The University of Auckland is that there is always someone to give advice and support throughout your degree. There is no doubt that The University of Auckland is one of the best universities you can study whilst earning a notorious degree that will get you far in your future career."