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Overview of programme options

Students who study psychology at The University of Auckland can choose to do a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) majoring in Psychology.

You may choose to take more than one major when studying a BSc or a BA, this is called a double major. You may also apply for a conjoint degree. A conjoint degree means that you can complete two different bachelor degrees in a shorter timeframe than they would take if you completed them separately.

As an example of a conjoint degree, if a student studied a BSc/Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) conjoint, the student can then major in psychology for the BSc and either in marketing or accounting for the BCom. This will take minimum of four years of study. Some combinations of conjoint degrees require five years study and require more points.

Conjoint degrees can be complicated so it is best to get help with planning conjoint programmes.

The BSc or the BA majoring in Psychology can lead to further postgraduate study, including Postgraduate Diplomas, Honours, Masters and Doctorates.

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