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Planning a BSc

All you need to know about planning and enrolling in a Bachelor of Science with the School of Psychology.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a three-year degree that can be completed in a minimum of six semesters divided into three stages and requires passes in courses to a total value of 360 points, or 24 courses, including 30 points from courses in the General Education Schedule. Most courses are of 15 point value and typically eight courses should be attempted in any year.

Programme structure and requirements

All courses are worth 15 points unless noted otherwise.

Year One (Stage I courses)

All Stage I courses are limited entry. To ensure you are accepted into year two psychology courses you must have passed:

  • PSYCH 108 (or PSYCH 128)
  • PSYCH 109 (or PSYCH 129)

Year Two (Stage II courses)

Stage II course options include:

  • PSYCH 201 S2 C Perception and Cognition
  • PSYCH 202 S1 C Biopsychology
  • PSYCH 203 S2 C Learning and Behaviour
  • PSYCH 204 S2 C Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 207 S1 C Theories of Personality and Development
  • PSYCH 208 S1 C Producing Psychological Knowledge

Year Three (Stage III courses)

Selection will be based upon performance in university examinations, measured by the grade point average (GPA) supplied by Student Administration.

Course prescriptions

For a full list of courses available within the School of Psychology and for details on course requirements and prerequisites please visit Our courses.