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Prior to taking up my present position as a Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Auckland, I have held research and teaching appointments at Massey University and Waikato University. I completed my PhD in 2011 at Waikato University where I explored the nature of resilience through the lived experiences of Maori, Pacific Island and New Zealand European homeless people.

I am a member of the New Zealand Coalition to End Homelessness (NZCEH) Māori Caucus, where I have been asked to advice on the expansion of research strategies that will inform the development of national policy and service provision.


Research | Current

My research adopts an Indigenous, community, critical and societal approach to psychology and employs qualitative methodologies. These methods may involve extensive field work, innovative visual methods for collecting data, direct observations, case conferences with staff and clients, the taking of field notes, biographical interviews, photo-production projects, and photo-elicitation interviews. My research places emphasis on action-oriented social science, where not only does theory and research inform practice, but practice also shapes the refinement of theory and research.

I am engaged in a project looking at the everyday dilemmas and needs of 100 families in Auckland experiencing urban poverty. This project is conducted in collaboration with the Auckland City Mission. Previous research has included work with the Tauranga Moana Nightshelter Trust to provide a new understanding and more systemic engagement of the relationship between people living in poverty, the reactions of other groups and the importance of judgment free spaces.

My PhD research was part of a larger Marsden funded research project conducted in collaboration with homeless people, the Maori and Psychology Research Unit, national and international colleagues, three city councils and leading non-government organisations. My Doctoral thesis encapsulated an action orientation to psychological research. Each case study from my thesis was work-shopped with staff given the task of supporting those specific individuals. This is part of the traditional role in the social sciences of the public intellectual whereby we can provide scholarly support for local communities in developing a coherent and resourced response to the interwoven issues of social inequities, poverty and homelessness.


Teaching | Current

I currently teach social psychology and am developing a graduate paper on Community Health Psychology for 2012 onwards at the University of Auckland.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Member, New Zealand Coalition to End Homelessness (NZCEH) Māori Caucus
  • Member, Editorial board for the Australian Community Psychologist

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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