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The Speech Science group

Many departments and schools at The University of Auckland, including the School of Psychology, the Department of Audiology and Engineering, are engaged in Speech Science research. Staff in the speech science group are involved in a range of research activities, but are particularly interested in auditory processing disorder, speech and language development in monolingual and bilingual children and acquired communication disorders in adults. Students research projects also span the same areas, as well as dysphagia, fluency disorders, brain injury, language processing in normal aging and speech and language therapy for children with hearing loss.

We are looking for children aged 7-13 years, with normal hearing, who might be willing to be a research participant in a study of how people perceive emotional speech. We are looking for children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you are / know someone with ASD, please see the attached documents for more information. As part of the study, you will also have the opportunity to trial remote-microphone hearing aids to see if it will help speech perception and social communication. If you are / know someone without ASD, who might be interested, please click here for more information. As part of the study, you get to have your brain waves recorded when you listen to speech sounds. Thank you for considering participation in this study