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Industrial Work and Organisational Psychology

In 2017 the Industrial Work and Organisational (IWO) Psychology Programme is unavailable. We are not currently able to offer any IWO courses.

Other course descriptions can be found in the department handbook

Relevant papers that complement organisational psychology include the social psychology papers PSYCH 700 Political Psychology, PSYCH 715 Psychology and Sustainability, PSYCH 716 Social Psychology and Interpersonal Processes, PSYCH 726: Emotion and Identity: Social Psychological Investigations, PSYCH 731 Social Psychology and Intergroup Processes.

The two research methods papers are also recommended PSYCH 743 Critical Qualitative Research and PSYCH 744 Experimental Design and Quantitative Methods for Psychology, especially for those considering applying for masters.

Students may also benefit from taking courses in the Business School in the Department of Management and International Business, although should note that postgraduate students are restricted to one or two courses outside of their major: MGMT 711 Strategic Human Resource Management, MGMT 712 Advanced Human Resource Practice, MGMT 713 Performance Management and Reward Systems, and MGMT 714 Advanced Employment Relations.

Please note: You must contact the Business School to enquire about enrolling in any of their courses. We recommend you check which courses they are offering in 2017.

Once you have completed either honours or a Postgraduate Diploma in Science or Postgraduate Diploma in Arts, if you want to continue, masters is then a separate degree done purely through research. For this you need to find a topic and a supervisor that you fit with, and who is willing to supervise you.

Our post-masters Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (IWO) is also unavailable for 2017. The University of Waikato and Massey University offer equivalent diplomas that provide a basis for applying to be a registered psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board. The other route to registration is via the Defence Force, who employ and support intern psychologists to gain experience so that they can apply for registration.