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Enrolment FAQs - Stage II Psychology

Please note: The information in this sheet may be subject to change during the enrolment period.

What do I need to get into Stage II Psychology?

You need to have passed one of PSYCH 108 or PSYCH 128 and one of PSYCH 109 or PSYCH 129.

(Please note: PSYCH 128 and 129 haven’t been taught for some years now, but if you have passed those courses, they are still valid prerequisites for Stage II Psychology.)

You may take Biopsychology (PSYCH 202) or Learning and Behaviour (PSYCH 203) if you have passed BIOSCI101 or BIOSCI103 (Stage I Biology courses).

The following courses are currently open to students with a GPE of 0.5 or above:

  • PSYCH 202 S1C Biopsychology
  • PSYCH 203 S1C Learning and Behaviour
  • PSYCH 208 S1C Producing Psychological Knowledge
  • PSYCH 201 S2C Perception and Cognition
  • PSYCH 204 S2C Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 207 S2C Theories of Personality and Development.

Are there any exceptions to the entry requirements?

If you already have a degree and wish to do a bridging course in Psychology so that you can go on to postgraduate study, you may do Stage II and III without having taken Stage I.

Details on the Bridging Course are available by contacting:

Andrea Mead


What do I do if I don’t get into the courses I want?

If your GPE is below the requirement for one or more of the courses you want, we advise you to choose from the courses listed above that are open to all students who have passed the prerequisites. We also advise you to stay on the waitlist for your preferred course(s) and check your enrolment status on Student Services Online two weeks before semester starts.


Can courses with psychology content that are not Psychology courses be counted as prerequisites for Stage II, e.g. courses in Education, Health Science or Sport & Exercise Science?

No. The only exception is the Stage I Biology courses listed under Question 1 above that are accepted as prerequisites for Biopsychology (PSYCH 202) and Learning and Behaviour (PSYCH 203).


What happens if I am transferring from another university?

As long as you are transferring from an internationally recognised university and have completed an equivalent course in Stage I Psychology (i.e. courses that cover similar content to PSYCH 108 or PSYCH 128 and PSYCH 109 or PSYCH 129) this will be counted as an acceptable prerequisite for Stage II.

You will need to contact ROPAS in order to have your previous courses credited towards your Auckland degree. You are strongly advised to do this as early as possible, as the process takes some time. ROPAS are located at 22 Princes Street, Room 101.


What happens if I have a timetable or examination clash?

You will need to obtain a concession in order to take courses that have a timetable clash. The concession form can be obtained from your faculty. If there is an examination clash, you will need to get a concession form from the Examinations Office, Room 134, Clocktower.


What happens if I have completed only one Stage I Psychology course, can I take the second one at the same time as Stage II?

No. But you can take the second Stage I course in Semester One and enrol for Stage II courses in Semester Two. If you fail the Stage I course you will be required to withdraw your enrolment from the Stage II courses.


What happens if the lab stream I want is full?

You should make every effort to find a stream that is suitable. If this is impossible, then you will need to enrol in the lab stream with no time and day allocated. The procedure for allocating labs to students in this position will be explained in your first lecture and on Cecil.


How many Stage II courses do I need to have passed to do Stage III?

If you wish to take Stage III Psychology you must pass three Stage II Psychology courses and a Stage I Statistics course. Any three of the Stage II Psychology courses we offer count as prerequisites for any Stage III Psychology course. Entry to some of the Stage III courses is competitive however, and so you may need to achieve a certain GPE to be accepted into them.


Which are the best Stage II courses to take?

This depends on your interests. All our Stage II courses offer an excellent grounding in one or more of the basic areas in Psychology.

See the handbook for more details


If I want to go on to a specialised branch of Psychology (e.g. Neuroscience, Clinical or Operant Psychology etc.), do I have to take any particular Stage II courses?

Under current regulations, it is not essential that you take any specific Stage II courses in order to go on a particular branch of Psychology at Stage III and postgraduate level. However, you will find that many courses at Stage III and above assume that you have acquired the basic knowledge of that area contained in the relevant Stage II course. It is recommended therefore that you consider what branches of Psychology may interest you in the future when choosing your Stage II courses.


What other subjects are good to take with Psychology?

Psychology is considered compatible with all subjects in the Faculties of Arts and Science, and with many subjects outside these faculties.

You may find that some of the topics covered are related to those taught in Anthropology, Biology, Education, Geography, Linguistics, Management and Employment Relations, Philosophy, Sociology, Sport and Exercise Science, and Women’s Studies. Computer Science, Mathematics and English can also provide skills useful to the study of Psychology.

We strongly recommend, however, that you choose other subjects according to what interests you most.


If there is any problem with my enrolment who do I see for advice?

If you have a problem with your enrolment, you can contact the enrolment hotline on 0800 616263. From there you may be advised to contact the School of Psychology directly.


If I need to contact the School of Psychology, how do I do this?

The Psychology Office is in HSB 660. The phone number is 3737599 ext 88413. The staff in the office will be able to answer many of your basic questions.

If you have questions that cannot be answered by the office staff you will need to contact

Michelle Burstall
Room HSB 344
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88526
Mobile: 027 4182338

The Stage 2 academic coordinator is

Douglas Elliffe
Room HSB 630
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85262