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The School of Psychology is one of the largest in the University and, we believe, among the most diverse and exciting. From the 2012/2013 QS International rankings, we are the top-ranked department in the university. Most of our academic staff have impressive international research reputations, and several are recognised among the world leaders in their fields. Our teaching is very highly regarded, and we have several winners of Distinguished Teaching Awards on our staff. We see a strong link between research and teaching as the unique advantage that studying at a major international university offers.

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  • How successful politicians look the part
    12 September 2014
    A new study recently conducted by a team of researchers from the School of Psychology shows that a sample of US citizens asked to rate our political leaders by mugshot alone.
  • Would you vote for that face?
    04 September 2014
    Why do people vote the way they do? We think we’re voting on policy and values but how much are we influenced by simple things like a candidate’s appearance?
  • Summer Scholarships 2014/2015
    12 August 2014
    Summer Scholarships projects are now available! Applications Close: Friday 29th August 2014